Sensory Seekers Paradise

We love to try new parks, but we have to be picky sometimes. The park must be far from the street in case Charlie takes off. It also must have tons of sensory structures and/or swings as well as be minimally crowded.

With that said, our favorite “parks” are schools. They are almost always empty with lots of space to run and ride bikes without danger. They also usually have tons of climbing structures and swings, but last week I stumbled upon a gem, a park I have coined: “Sensory Seekers Paradise”.

It’s Victory Park in Tustin. It’s right by The District, off Tustin Ranch Road and Victory Drive. It’s a hike for us, but it was well worth it. It is huge, empty, and feels like it was build from an OT perspective. The giant slide was a highlight as well as the bowl swing that allowed Charlie to lay down while I pushed him.

The older boys created a ninja course using the many obstacles including the swinging monkey bars, spider climb, and swinging doors as they called them. It also has regular swings, baby swings, and a clean restroom.

One of my favorite parts about this park is the ability to practice safe boundaries with Charlie. The park is surrounded by grass, so I was able to tell him that he must stay in the park and off the grass. It created a clear boundary for him which enabled us to have a fun, safe sensory adventure out!

This park is amazing! Enjoy getting those wiggles out!