An Open Letter to My Son

Dearest Charlie:

When you are older and read these stories I’m sharing, I want you to know why I’ve exposed our lives to the world.

I love writing, and I love sharing! Naturally, I wanted to start a blog about life as a mom, especially life as a “special needs mom”, but I was scared. There’s a fine line that seems to be crossed often when parents write about their children. I never want to offend you or bring judgment to you or your brothers.

You boys are precious gifts to me and your father, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to love and raise you into strong men who have a reverent fear of the Lord.

But with every post I struggle.

In fact, every day I question how much to share or if I should even share at all. My trepidation lies in the fear of possible judgment towards you and your brothers and the feelings my writing might bring you as you grow into an adult later in life.

With that said, I strongly believe God presented you with this challenge to magnify His glory. He does everything for good. He created you so strong and resilient to overcome these obstacles, and it would be a disservice to those around us not to share.

Son, I am amazed by you every single day! I knew you were a fighter from the day you were born. I never for one second want you to believe that you created this impossible burden for me. Being a mom means helping your child through any and all needs. You have a lot of needs right now, but this won’t always be the case.

I’m happy to help you along this tough journey. These triumphs you are building deserve to be shared. They give others hope and something to look forward to. I want you to look back to see how far you have come and all the feats you have conquered. Your hard work will serve you well throughout your entire life.

Yes, it’s hard, but being a parent to any child has its challenges. You will see one day, and I pray that your father and I prepare you well for that glorious day when you become a dad!

Until then, Son, I will continue to share our story to empower and comfort others and yes, bring a little comedy to life. This life is amazing, and I’m so glad you are in it with me.

Love always,

Your Mom

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