Valentine’s Day: Cheap, Easy, and Festive


  1. You can create Valentine’s Day cards with paper and markers for very little money. Add some glitter or stickers for flair! Use whatever you have laying around the house.
  2. Print free Valentine’s Day cards using the links below or search for your child’s favorite character.


  1. Buy cards after Valentine’s Day for next year. I bought these cards for 90% off last year, so they were 40 cents each. I even saw these same cards in Target today for regular price.


2. Buy teachers’ gifts after Valentine’s Day. I bought these cute towels for 90% off at Target last year. They were less than 50 cents each, and my kids made bags to put them in, which cost me little to no money.



  1. Have your child make and address their cards early!

No kid likes writing their name 31 times, so we start early to avoid meltdowns. They can do it in stages or do it all at once. I’m not stressed and pressed to get them to finish their cards, because we always start a week early. Our cards were done by February 5th this year.


  1. Do fun, simple crafts with your child (that you both enjoy)

We made these cute heart pictures together. They were so easy, and we put them up in the kitchen to create a little festive flair. They were super simple, and we made them with felt hearts that I bought last year on clearance for 50 cents.



  1. Incorporate the holiday into reading

As I mentioned in my post about how to create avid readers, I have a themed bin full of books for every month and holiday. (Click the link to find out how to build your library for free or very cheap.)


  1. Have a Valentine’s Day craft and coloring bin

I have a bin full of Valentine’s Day crafts for the month. My kids have full access to this bin all month. It includes heart stamps, stickers, etc. You can even include anything you have the that is red, pink, or heart shaped: play-doh, cookie cutters, markers, paints, etc.

art bin

  1. Print FREE Valentine’s Day coloring pages

We love to color together. It is a great time for everyone to be engaged in the same activity while we talk and laugh about anything and everything. Plus, I find it to be calming for everyone…especially me!

Here is a great list of free Valentine’s Day coloring pages. We have already printed quite a few of these. They are adult coloring pages, but my boys never seem to mind.

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