The Friend Every Mom Needs

I’m a very social person, so when I had my kids I craved friendship from other moms in my same situation. At the time, all my friends were still working, some unmarried, and none of them had kids. It was a bit isolating as motherhood can be, but after time I had built a large community of friends.

My mommy social calendar was full, but then something happened when I had my 3rd son. My community of “friends” fizzled and finally disappeared, leaving a few friends, the friends that every mom needs.

I’m finding that I only need a few special mom friends. I have lots of acquaintances and moms that I talk to at drop off and pick up. I love these ladies, but the most important friends are the ones the are living the ups and downs with me.

My best friend lives life with me, in and out of the trenches. I talk to her a few times a week; she listens and talks through the crazy background noise at my house…between the “stop touching your butt” and “don’t eat that rock”. We only see each other every few months, with and without kids.

My favorite days are when we get together with our other best friend for a day of craziness with ALL the kids. We camp out for the day at someone’s house in pajamas or fully dressed with hair and make-up. No one cares! 10 kids and 3 moms living life together for a fun, crazy day.

I have other friends who I see every few months, and we usually meet at Target, grab a coffee, and grocery shop with the kiddos. It seems unconventional, but we are finding time to live life together through the busyness of being a mom, even if it means grocery shopping.

There will be time for coffee and lunches without kids, but in the meantime, my favorite friends are those who live life alongside me wherever that may be. The amazing thing about these friends is that the time between visits never matters. The meet up place means nothing, but the happiness these visits bring fills the gap between.

We all need mom friends who are willing to live alongside us through every stage of life, so be that friend today. Meet your friend where they are…in jammies, a broken mess, or gloriously put together. These are the mom friends that mean the most, creating friendships that will last a life time.

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